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  • Is There A Downfall To Too Much Exercise?

    The holidays are in full swing, and you might think "I need to exercise more to burn off those extra calories", but is there a downfall to too much exercise ? While it might seem odd to think that it is possible to get too much exercise, it is possible to over stress and overwork the muscles. Exercise fatigue is a common problem among those who work out for too long. In general, it is better to avoid over-exercising because too much of a good thing can have negative effects. The common negative effects associated with too much exercise include: * High Injury Risks: Tired muscles that are over stressed can increase the risk of injuries during and after the exercise is complete. * ....

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  • Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

    NEW 6 WEEK NUTRITION PROGRAM Current Members GET 50% OFF Would you like to take your fitness to the next level ? You already kick butt in your workouts, but if your nutrition isn't on point you may not be getting ALL the results that you are looking for. No worries, I have the solution ! My new 6 WEEK NUTRITION CHALLENGE ! You will receive everything you need to make you successful :
    Custom member portal
    Easy to follow Nutrition Plan ( you can't screw this up, I promise)
    Recipe Book
    Virtual Cook Book
    Grocery List
    Restaurant Ordering Guide
    Food Journals
    Weekly Accountability
    Bonus Workout Videos to do at home
    40% discount on the best supplements in the world ! AND MORE!!! ....

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  • Bulletproof vitality for women

    In my constant search for the best products for my clients, I discovered this amazing multivitamin! I love it because in addition to being a complete multivitamin, it also has anti bloat support ! ✔️Fills nutritional gaps specifically for women ✔️High quality multivitamin ✔️Lean muscle builder ✔️Good sources of iron ✔️Anti bloat support ‼️Save 40% by ordering off my website ....

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  • 6 Week Challenge

    We have ONLY 15 spots for our LIFE CHANGING 6 WEEK CHALLENGE 🤩 You will get everything you need to be successful!👍 1) Fitness- Work out with our top notch trainers 3x per week in our fun and energy filled boot camp sessions designed for any fitness level! 2) Nutrition- Fully customization meal plan, recipe book and grocery helper just for you designed by the one and only Dr. Kashey 🥑🥗 3)Accountability-Personal accountability coach who will be there for you 24/7 to get you to your goal.🔥 The challenge starts soon so don't miss out on this opportunity to become a healthier YOU! Contact Us for More Information ....

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  • 21 Day Summer Fit Challenge

    21 Day Summer Fit Challenge

    Don't Miss Our 21 Day Summer Fit Challenge Starts on Monday August 5, 2019 Calling all women in the Stoneham, Reading, Woburn, Wakefield, Melrose and Medford area!What if there was a fitness program with your name on it that showed you how to get fitter, healthier and stronger in just 21 days? Well, this is exactly what we have for you! The 21 Day Challenge is a combination of three elements: 1. Our signature small group training classes that burn the maximum number of calories and remove ugly fat from your body faster than anything else you can do. All in a supportive environment of like minded people working towards their goals. 2. Nutritional guidance and meal ....

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  • Banana Berry Smoothie

    Looking for a quick snack? Try this Banana Berry Smoothie

    Serves 2
    1 small banana, peeled, cut up, and frozen ¼ cup fresh or frozen assorted berries (such as raspberries, blackberries, and/or strawberries) 1 cup orange juice 3 tbsp. vanilla low-fat yogurt Fresh mint (optional) Fresh berries (optional)
    In a blender container combine the frozen banana pieces, desired fresh or frozen berries, orange juice, and yogurt. Cover and blend until smooth. To serve, pour into glasses. If desired, garnish with fresh mint and additional berries. Makes 2 (8 oz.) servings. ....

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  • Stay Fit During The Summer at Everlasting Fitness

    While getting in shape does take hard work, the summer is a great time to get fit. Here are 3 reasons why: 1. FRESH PRODUCE:
    Eating healthy is a must for achieving the body of your dreams, and summer is the perfect time of year for foods that are both fresh and local. Farmers’ markets are filled with a rainbow of veggies and fruits that are sure to entice the pickiest of palates. Warmer weather means you’re also likely to eat less, whereas winter, you might tend to eat hearty foods that fill you up but also weigh you down. 2. WARMER WEATHER:
    Let’s face it: It’s easy to hide the extra body fat when you’re buried beneath layers of thermal ....

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