While getting in shape does take hard work, the summer is a great time to get fit.  Here are 3 reasons why:


1.FRESH PRODUCE: Eating healthy is a must for achieving the body of your dreams, and summer is the perfect time of year for foods that are both fresh and local. Farmers’ markets are filled with a rainbow of veggies and fruits that are sure to entice the pickiest of palates. Warmer weather means you’re also likely to eat less, whereas winter, you might tend to eat hearty foods that fill you up but also weigh you down.


2. WARMER WEATHER: Let’s face it: It’s easy to hide the extra body fat when you’re buried beneath layers of thermal and fleece in winter. But come summertime, lightweight clothing, sleeveless tops, shorts and skirts, and of course, swimsuits means more of you is on display. While you should love your body no matter what it looks like, summer clothing might be the motivation you need if you’d like to get on a healthier path leading to a more confident you.


3. LONGER DAYS: While winter may make you feel like slipping into hibernation mode, summer’s longer days filled with more hours of sunshine can make is that much easier to get out of bed and workout in the morning. Even the evening is a good choice if you need some exercise to expel the stress of the day.


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