6 benefits of small group training at Everlasting Fitness

Have you ever taken a group exercise class at a gym or studio? 

  • Did you feel out of place or lost because you couldn't keep up? 
  • Were there too many people in the class? 
  • Did you need an exercise modified but the instructor couldn't help you? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions above then small group training at Everlasting Fitness is perfect for you. When you want to get serious about your health and need that extra helping hand the instructors at Everlasting Fitness as here to guide you through all of the exercises no matter your age, fitness level or physical limitations.

At Everlasting Fitness you can expect: 

1.     Personalized Attention: There are typically 4-10 participants in a small group training class so you will receive personalized attention from the trainer. This gives your trainer the opportunity to spend more time monitoring your progress and helping you with your form.

2.     Exercise Modifications: The trainer can give you modifications if you are a beginner, have an injury or are unable to perform the exercise with a full range of motion.

3.     Camaraderie: Working out with a like-minded group of people with the same goals leads to mutual trust and friendship. You can share your stories and know that people are in the same struggle.

4.     Motivation: Having someone exercising right beside you and encouraging you pushes you a little harder than you would do on your own. Also in a circuit-style class you can watch how your fellow trainees complete unfamiliar exercises so you don't feel out of your depth and learn along the way.

5.     Support and Accountability: You are not alone, both the trainer and the participants are there to help keep you on track. You are more likely to show up to your class even when you would rather be somewhere else, when you have people that are cheering you on to your goals.

                           6. Short training times: Small group training is ideal for people who only have 30 minutes or so to workout. We offer HIIT classes and  boxing classes that pack in an intense workout in a small amount of time. You get all of the benefits of a long workout in a short amount of time.

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