Are You Missing Out On The Benefits Of Strength Training?

Here at Everlasting Fitness, we offer a variety of strength training classes for all fitness levels because I believe that strength training is the best form of exercise you can do after age 40. Not to say that cardio or walking are not important. It’s just that strength training has more benefits than other exercises such as:


1. You’ll gain muscle mass – After the age of 30, people who are physically inactive lose up to 5 percent of muscle mass per decade. This causes the metabolism to slow down and the body to store fat. Strength training won’t just prevent loss of muscle, it can also increase muscle mass. Realize that exercises like running or walking don’t build muscle. In fact, studies show that excess cardio leads to loss of muscle.

2. Bone density will increase- The same way we lose muscle, bone mass and density decrease as we age. Studies have found that strength training increased bone density and reduced risk of bone fracture.

3. Your balance will improve - As we grow older we lose balance and become prone to falling. The lack of balance is caused by loss of muscles and strength. A New Zealand study found there was a 40 percent reduction of falls in older women after starting strength training. Once you improve balance – you’ll walk better and be less likely to get injured.

4. You’ll execute daily tasks easily - Improved balance and strength gain will make it easy to perform daily tasks. You’ll be able to lift heavy stuff and do other tasks without assistance.

5. You’ll sleep better - Have you ever noticed that you sleep better the days you exercise? It’s no coincidence, various studies show that exercise improves quality of sleep. For one thing, exercise reduces stress which is a major cause of sleeping disorder.

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