The idea of boxing can be very intimidating, no matter your age. It's a fascinating sport with its mixture of strikes and strategy, but working up the courage to step into a boxing gym can take some time. If you've waited until you're older, don't let your age deter you—there are so many benefits, that it’s well worth your time. At Everlasting Fitness we offer all the benefits of a boxing workout in a welcoming and fun environment. We have all fitness and experience levels so our trainers are able to adapt every exercise and routine to your specific needs. 

Functional Fitness
Boxing is one of the most functional fitness activities you can perform as it improves a variety of skills that are useful for everyday life: balance, coordination, strength, and mobility. Because boxing is high-intensity (HIIT is great for burning body fat) and a full body workout (every day is leg day…) it helps develop a great physique. It’s no surprise why so many models and entertainers enjoy boxing as a way to stay in shape.

Boxing burns an insane amount of calories
Boxing will make your heart rate skyrocket and cause you to engage multiple muscle groups, packing a calorie-burning punch in each session. The effect is well worth an hour of your time. How many calories does boxing burn? Studies have shown that boxing burns anywhere from 700-1500 calories per hour for an adult male, depending on weight and style of boxing. Add in some cardio movements such as squat jumps and burpees (yes, burpees) and those calories don’t stand a chance.

It’s a combination of both cardio and resistance training
Boxing is also an incredible resistance workout. The resistance of a heavy bag promotes muscle growth in the shoulders, back, and chest. Each punch requires strength and precision, the same qualities needed in strength training with weights or other equipment. Of course, it’s a far cry from hitting the weight room, but it’s no secret that boxers have amazing upper body strength and power. Their physiques are chiseled and strong, with the repetitive movement or the sport creating a high volume workout for the upper body, core, hips, and legs.

It’s a total body workout
I always tell people that you don’t punch with your arms, you punch with your whole body. One single punch not only engages the upper body, but it also draws power from the core, hips, and legs. Punching the bag requires power to be generated from head to toe. With proper technique, the entire body is engaged. That’s what causes it to burn so many calories: explosive movements that utilize every major muscle group.

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